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Denial and lies continue

It’s been a while since Chevron was ordered to pay $18billion fine for causing widespread pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon, but the oil giant continues to fight the judgment and refuses to acknowledge the victims. Recently Chevron lawyers called the plaintiffs “irrelevant” to the case:

“The plaintiffs are really irrelevant. They always were irrelevant. There were never any real parties in interest in this case. The plaintiff’s lawyers have no clients… There will be no prejudice to [the rainforest communities] or any individual by holding up enforcement of the judgment.”

Chevron Pit recalls it is not the first time Chevron tries to deny the existence and importance of the victims of this toxic disaster. Chevron’s excuses are getting old…

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Back To Intimidation and Harassment

Even though Chevron has been found guilty of the intentional and careless pollution of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the oil giant still doesn’t want to pay the court ordered fine. In a desperate attempt to get some information on Ecuadorians’ next move and most of all to intimidate and harass, Chevron hired four investigative firms to spy on the people who are helping the Ecuadorian victims. See Chevron Pit's latest post for details.

Bullying, stealing, lying, threatening… will Chevron stop at nothing!

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Chevron’s Hush Money

Diego Borja — remember him? He’s the guy who secretly videotaped the Ecuador judge in hopes of derailing the oil contamination trial. Didn’t work. The court ruled against Chevron, awarding the Ecuadorians $18 billion in damages. Meanwhile, Chevron said it would pay Borja a bit of money so he could transition from Ecuador to the U.S. (Chevron moved him to San Ramon, California, and then Houston after the tapes were released.) Well, it’s almost three years later, and Chevron is still paying him — to the tune of $2.2 million.  See The Chevron Pit for more details.

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Chevron Loses Again!

Ecuador’s appellate court has upheld the $18 billion judgment. Read about it on The Chevron Pit. A leading oil analyst says Chevron should settle, and other analysts say the company is lying to its shareholders. Chevron needs to wake up, smell the roses and do the right thing, not only for its shareholders but for the indigenous people of Ecuador who suffer from the consequences of Chevron’s actions. 

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